All About BodyCurve

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Our treatments are customized to each patient’s needs so the number of sessions will vary. We do suggest 6-8 sessions to start seeing long-lasting results.

Session times on some areas can be as short as 20 minutes and since this is a completely non-invasive treatment, you can resume your daily activities straight away.

How BodyCurve Works


Our BodyCurve treatment is completely non-invasive and works to eliminate the fat cells (adipocytes) with radiofrequency.


The radio waves travel deep into the tissue where they target fat cells (adipocytes) while not affecting any of the cells or structures around them. As the fat cells begin to oscillate rapidly they create frictional heat. Once they reach 45 degrees, they die and the body’s natural process removes them.


This non-surgical fat reduction treatment requires no anesthesia and results in no downtime. Often, the doctor will recommend a series of sessions for best results.

What Makes BodyCurve Different?


Unlike other fat reduction treatments, there is no contact between a patient's skin and the BodyCurve applicator. The radiofrequency is more widely dispersed and eliminating fat over a wider area. Because of this, the fat reduction is larger and smoother than with other treatments, making it ideal for a large area like the abdomen.

The BodyCurve treatment is a safe way to eliminate fat cells while protecting the top layers of your skin: the dermis, and epidermis. As energy heats up the fat cells, the device activates AirMode to eliminate sweat and prevent any burning.

During your treatment, you can relax and watch your favourite shows on Netflix, read a book, or even catch up on some work if you like. The procedure is completely non-invasive, so you can get back to your daily activities with no downtime.


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