Get Rid of Fine Lines With MesoLED

Well-hydrated skin not only looks better, it feels better.  With the help of a mesogun, we deliver an elixir of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to skin with absolute precision and uniformity. Combined with our medical LED therapy to boost results, the treatment not only hydrates the skin from within but helps fight early signs of ageing. 



Feel Radiant With Plateletherapy

The platelets in your blood are vital to the healing process. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, our Plateletherapy, simply concentrates the platelet-rich plasma protein from the patient's own blood and injects it in into the skin to speed healing and intensify rejuvenation. 

To control the depth and uniform delivery of the protein, we use a French-invented mesogun which makes the procedure more effective, virtually painless and results in no downtime. 

Combined with medical  LED Therapy, this treatment coaxes your skin to regenerate on its own and leaves you with a subtle glow.


Lavish Your Skin with SkinBoosters

One of our newest answers to the question of dehydrated skin is an injection of SkinBoosters. Made with hyaluronic acid, a molecule responsible for skin repair and skin renewal, it naturally attracts water molecules.  So it gradually hydrates and improves your skin's condition from within. Get fresher, healthier, more supple skin with a boost of SkinBoosters. 

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