Before Hair Transplantation: Understanding Your Backstory

A private consultation with one of our hair experts helps us understand your backstory - your history, lifestyle and genealogy. These are all factors to help us create the best and most tailored treatment plan for you.

Some general questions we ask in our consultations include;

- At what age did you start losing your hair?

- Do you follow any specific treatments?

- Have you had any prior experience with hair transplantation?

Your Personalized Schedule

Prior to your treatment, our team will send you a set of pre-treatment instructions to prep you for the big day. 

The most common pre-treatment instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid stimulants like tea, coffee, and cigarettes on the day of the procedure.​
  • Don’t come with an empty stomach. Make sure you have a full breakfast before you arrive.

​​On the day of the treatment, our team will be ready and waiting to take you to your procedure room and give you the best experience possible.

Your session at Maison Lutétia

The moments before your first hair transplant can be exciting or produce some nervousness. Our hair experts at Maison Lutétia know how answer your questions and make you feel at home. Your experience from the consultation through the recovery period should be as positive as the results you’ll see. 

Your session at Maison Lutetia starts in the morning when you will arrive via our VIP access and how you will leave once your treatment is complete. We have a dedicated area for you to get comfortable, with a wardrobe for you to place your belongings and a couch to simply relax with a book, lunch or simply daydream.

Our procedure rooms aren’t the stereotypical white-walled rooms that mimic just any urban VIP suite; they have fully-equipped medical beds with a flat screen TV to stream your favourite shows and movies on Netflix.


Expecting results that go beyond the body’s natural genealogy can have a negative psychological impact on the patient and their perception of medical aesthetic treatments. This is why it is important to us that we educate the patient about their hair heritage and its potential so no unrealistic expectations and promises are made.

Our hair specialists start the procedure with an evaluation of your hair density on the donor zone. This is also called the Hippocratic Wreath. Here, the hair follicles are examined closely to verify their quality; are they fine, thin or thick?

For patients who suffer from early hair loss or who may need another transplant, management of the donor zone is pivotal. The evaluation stage is crucial if we want to have a consistent implantation strategy and long-term results.

Stage 1: Extraction

The first step involves your doctor identifying the donor area and then administering local anesthetic to the area. You will be face-down lying on your stomach for this phase.

Once the doctor has identified the donor area, they will proceed with manual extraction of your grafts with meticulous care. Of the entire process, this stage takes the least amount of time.

The local anesthesia makes this a painless, but tedious, process. We encourage our patients to take as many refreshment breaks as they need to break up the monotony.

Stage 2: Implantation

For the second stage, you will be lying on your back so your doctor can begin the implantation process. During this phase, you can watch the latest shows on Netflix, or relax in any way you prefer.

While you relax, your doctor, assisted by a nurse, will start to implant particular hair follicles that were extracted in the earlier stage. Your doctor will start with simple follicles and gradually move forward with multiple follicles to create natural density. This entire stage is done manually by your doctor using a patented hair injector.

The DHI Hair Implanter is a precise tool that requires no prior incision on your scalp and allows the doctor to accurately control the gesture and movement of the tool to control the implantation of follicles exactly.

This stage is also completely painless thanks to anesthesia. 

After Your Session

After the Implantation Phase, we provide you with an appetizing snack and a bag containing all of your post-treatment essentials. Your nurse will also go through a set of instructions with you. This is the perfect time to ask any questions or having any concerns.

You can resume your daily activities without any constraints to your lifestyle, however we do leave the implantation area open and place a bandage on the back of your head. The morning after your treatment you can remove the bandage with lukewarm water.


Patience is a virtue. The results of your transplantation are depend on the cycle of your hair.

It is necessary for each implanted hair follicle to regain its bearings and start reproduction of new hair. Our hair goes through the cycle of growth, weakens and then eventually falls out. This cycle means it can take at least 12 to 18 months for the implanted hair to reach its ‘adult’ stage. This is when you will start to see significant results.


Roughly three months post-treatment you may notice small, thin baby hair. Once you reach the six-month mark, you’re halfway there to seeing great results! Between 9-12 months, your hair will continue to thicken and increase in density. 

After 18 months, the results you see are considered permanent. Your newly implanted hair follicles will continue to produce hair for your entire life.


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