Stages of Hair Loss in Women

Anagen Phase:
This phase lasts from 3-5 years, depending on the respective individual. About 85% of our hair is in this phase. The hair at this stage is alive as the keratin growth is constant and its root fills the hair follicle up to its base.

Catagen Phase:
In this phase, the hair reaches its adulthood. It does not grow anymore as the root goes back to the epidermis but it’s still attached to the follicle.

Telogen Phase:
This phase lasts from 2-3 months. Like a ripe fruit ready to fall from the tree, the hair is ready to detach. Until the foot of the new hair grows out of the follicle, this ‘ripe’ hair won’t fall out.

Combat Hair Loss with DHI


DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), a craft based on 50 years expertise, is the world’s most advanced hair restoration treatment and is offered exclusively at Maison Lutetia.

The method is intricate and requires an eye for artistry as well as dedication to technique and can only be performed by certified doctors. But the result of this strict protocol is hair that grows thicker, denser and looks absolutely natural.

Not only that, it’s a technique done by hand, never with time-saving devices like motorized punches, robotics or automated shortcuts. Just like haute couture, the most perfect details can only be achieved by the most skilled artisan doctors.


Solutions for Premature Baldness & Hair Loss


Our MesoLED treatment is an excellent way to help prevent major hair loss before it affects your appearance. If you notice your hair feels thinner, breaks more easily, or just lacks luster, this treatment might be exactly what you need.

Revitalizing hair Mesotherapy consists of a moisturizing hyaluronic acid cocktail made of complex amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. This micronutrient elixir is superficially injected into the scalp to restore fragile capillaries and boost regrowth. Expect to notice an increase in the density and thickness of your hair as well as a glossier texture from root to tip.

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