How does laser hair removal work?

For any hair removal technique to be effective, it must target the not just the hair, but the follicle from which it grows. 

The Lutétia laser beams highly-concentrated light into the follicle where it is absorbed by the pigment and the hair is destroyed. With each treatment, the hair becomes thinner and fewer of them grow back. 

Hair growth becomes reduced until shaving is no longer necessary. For hairs that aren't removed by the laser, we can use electrolysis or bleach the hairs so they are less visible. 


Which areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

For women, the following areas are treatable:
Legs; Arms (entire arm, forearm); Abdominal line, belly; Breast areolae; Armpits; Swimsuit line (classic, Brazilian, full); Inter-gluteal fold.

For men, the following areas are treatable:
Back; Shoulders; Armpits; Torso; Belly; Median line; Arms; Back of the hands; Swimsuit line; Inter-gluteal fold; Legs.

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