What Can Fruit Acid Peels do for me?

Fruit Acid Peels work on the superficial layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells and debris that dull your complexion, leaving behind a fresh layer of skin. Our practitioners combine acids based on your skin type and condition.

The AHA or fruit acid primarily works to renew skin cells and can help to;

    - Obtain a uniform and brighter skin hue
    - Fade wrinkles
    - Fade pigmented spots
    - Treat acne
    - Reduce pregnancy spots (melasma)

AHA Peels: Frequency of application

We always schedule a consultation first to assess your concerns and answer questions, as well as analyse your skin and discuss the best course of treatment for you. This also indicates how often or how many peels are recommended for you. Some clients come in for a single session with a fruit acid peel to get a boost of radiance before a special occasion for example.

If you want to use peels to treat something like acne scars or enhance the skin texture, we usually suggest 3 session spaced 15 days apart. Although peels in the summer are not advisable, these treatments can be done throughout the year.

What happens at a peeling session?

Fruit Acid Peels are gentle enough that they require no preparation and have minimal recovery time so you don’t have to change your lifestyle. This treatment is quick and begins with disinfecting the skin, as well as removing any makeup or moisturizers you may have had on.

Once your skin is clean, the peel is applied with a brush. Upon application, you may experience a slight tingling sensation, but this is mainly on sensitive skin.

After the treatment, the skin may be slightly pink with some flaking. At Maison Lutetia, we then apply a healing cream to the skin to reduce and irritation. We advise you wear sunscreen for at least one week after the treatment.

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