Tighten Neck Skin with Lutétia's Nonablative Laser

Nonablative Lasers can target the deeper layers of skin, heating them, causing contraction of the skin without disturbing the superficial layers. Not only does the heat tighten skin, but it also stimulates collagen production to make the skin more supple. 


Nourish & Hydrate
with MesoLED

The key to youthful skin anywhere is hydration. Inspired by a beauty treatment from France called Mesotherapy, which focuses on giving the skin a specially curated combination of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and hyaluronic acid, we created the MesoLED. This combines the hydrating power of Mesotherapy with the healing power of our medical grade LED light therapy.  Together they nourish, replenish moisture and stimulate collagen for the neck and neckline. 



Replenish Skin on the Neckline with  Plateletherapy

Microneedling stimulates the upper layers of the skin to tighten and rebuild itself. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated form of plasma protein created from the patients own blood. Injected into the skin anywhere on the body with our specialized mesogun it stimulates the skin to regenerate and replenish.  Combine those with the deeper healing power of the medical-grade LED therapy and you have Plateletherapy, an ideal way to replenish the skin anywhere on the body. 



Soften Neck Bands with Botox

Botox, done well, is a very effective way to smooth wrinkles. But the vertical muscles in the neck also respond very well to just the right amount of Botulinum Toxin. This treatment is a good choice for softening those vertical muscles on the neck and neckline. The effect is soft and natural and virtually pain-free. 


Skin Booster - A Boost Of Confidence

Like the skin on your hands and around your eyes, the skin on your neck is thin and prone to early signs of ageing. 

SkinnBoosters are an intervention, against early signs of ageing by nourishing the skin, hydrating the deeper layers and healing early damage from the inside out. 

You’ll leave the treatments with long-lasting, deeply hydrated, and more supple skin.

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