High-Tech Meets Traditional

We constantly update our lasers and devices to the newest and best technology available.  Our doctors use techniques that result in less pain, less bruising, and less downtime, so you get the best results with the least interruption to your life.

Yet the atmosphere of this high-tech clinic isn’t cold or intimidating. It is warm and welcoming.  Here, you feel the charm and elegance of a true Parisian residence. From the moment you step inside, you’ll notice the difference. The difference is in the details. 


Natural, Yet Powerful

Maison Lutétia is an aesthetic clinic with the newest technology and uses the most cutting-edge techniques, but the foundation of our treatment protocol is deeply traditional. From our decor to our philosophy on beauty, we are quintessentially French and pursue results that are natural, authentic, and yet...remarkable. 

Think about the body’s amazing ability to rebuild and replenish itself.  In your body are processes to create new skin cells and rebuild the scaffolding that gives skin its structure. It has ways to rid itself of dead fat cells and to grow new hair from healthy follicles. 

At Lutétia, we simply coax these processes to begin or amplify the power that is already there to make your complexion bloom, to dissolve bulging fat, to regrow hair or re-craft a receding hairline.  


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