Make Your Eyes POP with PlexR


Losing elasticity in the skin around the eyelids, especially the upper eyelids can cause the appearance of droopy eyes. Maison Lutetia’s non-surgical eyelift procedure uses plasma to stimulate contraction of the skin, causing tightening and lifting of the loose skin on the eyelid.


Get A Flawless Finish with Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of our skin. It's involved in skin repair and has the unique ability to attract moisture just where it's needed. This natural acid also plays a starring role in Lutétia's dermal fillers where it's used to fill hollow areas or wrinkles. Our skin experts can also use it to enhance your natural features, your lips or your jawline or fix a problem with your nose.

At Maison Lutetia, we look at the composition of the whole face, not just the isolated problem areas. We consider how volume loss in one area affects another and can use fillers to restore a more youthful or more harmonious look.


"I want to even-out the wrinkles on my face "

Fractional radiofrequency is a great solution to firm up sagging skin as it stimulates all three layers of the skin –the deep dermis, the superficial dermis and the epidermis --to even out fine lines and wrinkles. This aesthetic technique uses heat energy to stimulate tissue, collagen, and elastin production and reduces skin laxity.

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