Peel Away Your Skin Worries with A Fruit Acid Formula

Maison Lutetia has several types of peels and customizes each to the patient. Say goodbye to the stereotypical signs of a chemical peel, like redness, flaking and scabbing and hello to softer, smoother, firmer and more even complexion.

Fruit Acid peels work on the superficial layer of skin, renewing skin cells, cleansing the skin, leaving you with a fresh radiant look. These peels can even fade wrinkles and treat acne.

Worried about your sensitive skin? The Lutetia skin experts will analyze your skin, preparing it for treatment and customizing the peel for best results.


Remove Pigment from your Skin with A Depigmenting Peel

Regular medical peels with Maison Lutetia will help unify your skin tone, by exfoliating and clearing the upper layers of dead skin no matter if your skin is light, medium or dark.

The Depigmenting Peel with Fruit Acids does this by reducing the production of melanin and regulating melanocytes.

Perfect for those treating pregnancy marks or melasma, your skin will thank you for this tailored-to-you treatment.


Make a Difference for your Skin with a
Q-Switch Laser Session

The Q-Switch Laser is the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to reducing and eliminating skin pigmentation. This laser focuses high-intensity light on the pooled pigment, breaking it up so it can be absorbed into your body. The light is very precise, targeting the pigment but leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

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